TRESERT, Phitsanulok Thailand


Tri-Generation (electricity,heat,refrigeration)

Project description

Combined solar thermal energy-biomass power plant for electricity, refrigeration and heat generation.

Sponsored as part of the International Climate Protection Initiative by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), following a resolution by the German parliament.

Project partner

  • German Aerospace Centre – Institute for Technical Thermo-dynamic Solar Research (go to website)
  • School of Renewable Energy Technology / Naresuan University

Project aim

To demonstrate an innovative technology for the decentralised provision of electrical energy, heat and air conditioning from solar energy and biomass and to introduce it to potential cooperation partners in the region of Southeast Asia. The use of low-temperature turbines and an absorption cooler represent an innovation that offers significant marketing potential. The dissemination of the technology is to be supported through training and road shows and as a result new CO2 reduction potentials developed and promoted.

Project Performance description:

  • Construction of a combined solar thermal energy and biomass boiler power plant for the generation of electricity, refrigeration and heat in the SERT Energy Park. The planned innovative system altogether comprises the Solarlite parabolic trough collectors SL 2300 and SL 4600, the converter for electricity and heat production, an absorbtion cooling machine and a biomass boiler for permanent heat generation.
  • Implementation of test series and analyses
  • Development of a programme for observing economic efficiency and the design of combined heat and power applications

Social impact:

  • Reduction of CO2emissions
  • Decentralisation allows for energy provision even in undeveloped regions and as such it contributes to growth and economic development.
  • Awareness-raising in the Southeast Asian countries on the topic of solar thermal energy, particularly politicians, associations and institutions
  • Qualifications and training of skilled workers for an industry of the future

Project parameters

Project duration
04.11.2008 to 30.06.2012
Project location
Energy Park at the School of Renewable Energy Technology of the Naresuan University in Phitsanulok, Thailand

Technical parameters

Thermal output
500 kWth
Collector area
928 m2
Collector aperture
2,3 m / 4,60 m
Electrical output
up to  50 kWel
Project volume
3 Mio EUR
Co2 reduction
180 t/ year